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It is very difficult to choose between HP or Dell laptops as they are both quality notebooks made by respectable and experience manufacturers. Dell and HP both have a lot of different models on the market which cover quite a wide range of consumer and consuming needs.

Both have netbooks and gaming laptops released on the market. HP took over Compaq, Dell took over Alienware and the list of similarities could go on. It is difficult to say which one laptop i would choose if I had one Dell and one HP which similar processors, graphics card and pricing. You can find different offers such as coupons and discounts for both HP and Dell laptops and the prices are also from very cheap to really expensive.

HP has a special line, called the Pavilion series, which is dedicated to the multimedia passionate. The Pavilion line is fully customizable as most of the models come with different processors and extra features for you to choose from. These laptops come in different sizes, from 13 to 17 and ever 18 inches in diagonal. Some of them come with Blu-ray drives and others come with circle imprint finishes on the glossy black surface of the unit.

Dell is also very famous due to the Inspiron line which is one series of affordable laptops that come in all shapes and sizes. Dell laptops are also available for customization. Dell is also famous for the XPS and Studio line of laptops. Both HP and Dell laptops have excellent warranty period for all the products they offer.

Both of them have a wide range of accessories which are available straight from the official website and also at a lot of other retailers. If you are having a real hard time in making up your mind between HP or Dell laptops, you can take into consideration the scandal that involved the HP Pavilion dv6000 and dv9000 series. You know, the scandal about the models that have experienced problem with the wireless connections.

The saddest part is that all this bad publicity has been generated mostly because HP did not handle these unsatisfied customer issues and instead of responding to the numerous complaints which appeared on the HP forum, they let the users try to help each other out by posting different solution which they have found and the HP forum was basically flooded with user complaints. This scandal has cost HP a lot of customers and bad publicity can sometimes lead to bankruptcy. Thank God this was not the case for HP as by the time the scandal started, HP was already a respectable and famous laptop manufacturer with quite a considerable market share.

In the end, it’s difficult to say which is the winner.


HP IN 2011

 ستايلات جديدة 2011

ستايلات ستايلات جديدة 2011

ستايلات ستايلات جديدة 2011

ستايلات ستايلات جديدة 2011

ستايلات ستايلات جديدة 2011

ستايلات ستايلات جديدة 2011

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